Color Chameleon addon

Color Chameleon is a tool designed to help artists maximize their time when it comes to textures. Managing texture color spaces might seem like an easy job, but once you have over 100+ that need to be changed to the correct color space, that is where Color Chameleon shines. Color Chameleon comes with full support for Blender Default color Management, as well as ACES OCIO. If you have used ACES before you know that it is a pain to filter through all of those color spaces. With three easy-to-use buttons, Color Chameleon can save you hours of your precious time.


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A lot of blender users complain about the difficulty of navigation through the multiple color spaces that comes along with ACES, I have read multiple articles and watched multiple videos and yet no one has mentioned this add on, this add on is supposed to be the “3 clicks” solution to the pain of using ACES in blender right?