Color mix node works differently than photoshop?

HI there,

I am trying to achieve a solarize effect for an image within blender compositor.

In photoshop I just use a color which is blend into the image by “difference” function.

When I create the same setup in blender, it looks doesn’t match up the colors at all. Image is the same as in photoshop.

Any ideas?


Just tried in video editor - there it also works like in photoshop

Photoshop first convert sRGB to Linear, after that take difference and convert Linear to sRGB, Blender directly compute this operation. If you want you can calculate same method. Separate RGBA, Power 1/2.2 for each channel, DIFFERENCE, Power 2.2 and after Combine RGBA.

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In order to mimic the result you get in Photoshop inside Blender’s compositor, I would try setting the color management from ‘filmic’ to ‘standard.’ ‘Standard’ is the default in the VSE.

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