Color Palette For Shader Edior

This add-on will let you quickly scroll through different color palettes and see how your scene looks.This add-on is created focusing on abstract art creation and motion graphics but can be used by anyone to visualize the scene and develop the theme for their art. Supports 5 color color-palettes.

New User so can’t upload the video or any attachment so check it out on gumroad.If you like it please share it to user who may get some help or boost from this add-on.

Any comments/critiques/feature request is welcome.


Aaawwweessome !
I was waiting for this feature for so long. And I guess I’ve seen it first in Appleseed render where you can define something like global colors. I had a solution for that and was called “Global Shader”, but this works more convenient (compatibility with other systems).
I’ve sent you a message as well.

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I’m planning to improve further this add-on.
My university exams are coming soon so new release may take month or two. But in mean-time i want suggestions where to improve and feature requests if you have any.

  • Add support for alpha channel
  • Better UI and UX experience
  • More presets
  • Add support for more than 5 color color-palette. I have idea on how to do this but I need to rewrite
    most of the code for add-on and my University exams are coming in next 2 weeks so it will take time.

I think I will release new version next week. Alpha channel support is ready to be release but for ui/ux I need suggestion where can I improve. what’s your need?


You should take a look at the two addons Palette Generator and Kaleidoscope.

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Thanks, I just went through both of the threads. Both add-on is focused on palette generation while this add-on is focused on cycling over different palettes to quickly see how scene looks with different palette but i think palette generation can be really good feature for this add-on. I need to think how should i approach this palette generation feature.

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Yes, it would be good to have everything in one addon.

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Since Blender add-ons are released under the GPL license, you are perfectly allowed to re-use their source code.

Yes i know i’m allowed to but i’m not comfortable to use thier source code. If i want to use it i should first ask permission to use it from the author of add-on and give them credit. And there is question of code integration - if their code will work with mine.

You shouldn’t be. Blender add-ons are open-source.

Giving credit would be a very good respectful move indeed. :+1:

But asking permission from the author of another GPL add-on is not mandatory.
What if one of these authors refuse? In fact, they can’t, this would be illegal and against the terms of the GPL license (and that would be pretty lame).
They can’t restrict the rights that the GPL license gives to users or other developers.

Anyway, end of out of topic discussion. :zipper_mouth_face: :wink: