Color Picker Using Hue, Saturation, and Value

I developed this color selection for my game here.

I figured it would be useful to others, and manchester1994 wanted to use it, so here it is in the resources section.

The most resource intensive thing in this is the script. It’s set to only run when the mouse is over the color selector, so be careful how often it runs if you use it in your game.

The script is location dependent, so you’ll have to change some values in the script if you move the color picker. I might modify it some later so it isn’t location dependent, but for the moment it is.


color_selection.blend (523 KB)

Great! This is one very useful tool.
Your script is very easy and effective, thanks a lot!

pretty cool, thanks for share this with us, it ll be very usefull.

Thanks!! It works really well!

Really nice, thanks for sharing

My god this is sooo usefull!

Awesome work, I’ve been wondering for the last few weeks if this was possible in the BGE. Thanks for sharing.