Color ramp and separate XYZ?

Hello. Thank you for seeing my post.

Now, I’m making the back of Godzilla. However, I don’t know how to gradate its color from black at the bottom to white at the top just like its original. I referred to a video

I’d appreciate if you could tell me how the nodes should be ordered.


godzilla back.blend (875 KB)

None of the coordinates provide good direction information because the mesh parts are in a curve. Could use UV mapping to provide your own and it’s also possible to control it that way.

godzilla_back_ja12.blend (311 KB)

you can use a node and UV setup as shown.By separating the smaller thorns from the bigger ones, this result can be refined further!

You could also try using vertex colors.

Thank you JA12 very much! I could understand what you did and why the nodes are ordered like so.

Thank you Teja1 for teaching me! You’re using visible UV map, that told me that there are several ways to do compositing. And I also studied Bright Contrast now!

Thank you for telling me Ovnuniarchos! I will try studying that.