color theme change!!!!!!!!!!

What just happened to blender artists look? It suddenly change to this horrible looking black theme, although I manged to change it to a light theme it still looks not nearly as nice as what it used to.:mad:

Is there a way to get back the old theme?


At bottom of the main page you have option for light or dark theme (set default in your profile settings). There is currently an option for the old theme but the option will be removed at some point in the near future.

Actually, my theme was reset as well, I went into the settings and changed it to the light theme. The light theme previously was based on the old theme. They’ve since updated it! I suspect that they cleared the theme cache so that it would update the new theme. Because they updated the light theme to resemble the dark theme, with all the new features!

mslarsen, just click that link and go change it to the new updated light theme!

The old theme has now been removed so you have the choice of new light / new dark / mobile themes.