Colored vertices in the viewport?

I have generated some .ply point cloud data and have imported into Blender. The .ply files have color information associated with each vertex but no faces information. When I import into blender I only see vertexes but the colors are not shown.

Is it possible to render vertices as individually colored points/dots in any way? I do not need to render these points but I do require seeing colors in the viewport for reference.

I tried replacing each vertex with a simple quad but there are more than 900000 vertices and took far too long to complete.

I can’t use 3rd party plugins for this either so I was hoping Blender could offer some way to allow drawing colored points in the viewport?


unfortunately not yet, but they already work on native point support (as far as i know)
In the meantime an option might be this:

Thanks, I saw that addon but the guy wants $50 for it and I feel Blender should be totally capable of rendering colored dots.

I saw this project on github where they are able to create particles and use the particle index to apply individual colors:

Does anyone know how I could apply this project to my own? I do not understand the shader here. what is the ParticleColor node doing?

Also I tried creating a particle system and emitting Halo particles from all of the vertices in my cloud which worked and I could see all 900000 particles displaying smoothly, but I could not change any of their colors. Is it possible to change the color of individual Halos - just for visualizing in the viewport?

I still haven’t been successful drawing colored dots in Blender.

Is there a technical limitation that makes colored dots very difficult?

I know in Unity I wrote a functional geometry shader that works amazing well. But in Blender this is impossible without paying $50 to someone for a closed source solution…??

This is the most absurdity I have ever seen in Blender, why no colored dots?

The current particle system is EOL so the failings of the current particle system will surely be addressed with a new all singing all dancing nodal system in the short to medium term future.

As a work around you could use a single poly Custom Instance object with a Material on it to show colour in the viewport. You have to use Eevee but that might be better than nothing?