Colorful gemstones animation

A client asked me to create a jewellery animation to compete at the best level. During WIP, I was told to use Luxrender or Yafaray, but after several tests, I decided to stick with Cycles. Maybe it is because I love Cycles, or Cycles loves me. I will use other renderers in other projects.

The final animation is Full HD at 24 fps. Rendering took some days, but rendering times were really decent. I did not use the new denoiser, as with fur it severely underperformes.

Final Animation on Youtube

Some more frames


For gems I’d go with Luxrender. Spectral renderer with actual caustics would make it magical.

Well, this animation is, despite the absence of some rather technically not so necessary artifacts (that, like I already said several times, will use someday for the sake of investigation, curiosity and overall fun I have creating 3D), a frank success across several platforms. So, well, l am proud of what Cycles allowed me to deliver, despite your saying… Cycles worked magic.