Colorful Sparrow

(TheAlmightyF) #1


I made this picture with a “leftover” model from a shortmovie I worked on (you can find some informations under the following link:

The bird was modeled, shaded and rendered in Blender by me.
A fellow 3D artist rigged the bird in Blender and created the textures in Mudbox.
The picture took 6 minutes to render on CPU.

We only used feather textures for the mainfeathers on the wings. I covered the rest of the body with a few hair-systems for the sake of convenience.

Critique welcome!

(Watch in full resolution!)

less colorfull version:

(animator_mojtab) #2

Similar to metal has been!!!

In the whole good :slight_smile:

(aksaini136) #3

That looks amazing.:yes:
Did You use particles system for hairs or those are textures ?

(TheAlmightyF) #4

Thanks, changed it.

(Erel Herzog) #5

Really awesome! Looks great.

(ShadowCamero) #6

Very nice!

(TheAlmightyF) #7

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I used some hairsystems for the feather-fur of the sparrow.

(ShacharHarshuv) #8

looks great. very realistic!

(Pierrick PICAUT) #9

Very nice.
Just feel like feet skin is a bit too shinny but your model is super nice.

What about creating some advanced environement?
With your skills it’s gonna be awesome

(TheAlmightyF) #10

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

My old enemy: environement waving fist angrily to the sky
I’m not gonna add any environement right away, though I agree that it maybe would turn out awesome.
Nature/environment is right at the top of my list of scenes I’m planning to do. When the time has come the little fella will find it’s way into the nature/environment scene and get another standalone render.

(mickeyjoe) #11

As an avid bird lover, I really like this image. The coloring looks a little weird most sparrows are more brown but besides that it looks really nice.
I have not gotten enough guts to try to attempt creating a cg bird, I have drawn countless birds and carved several out of wood but have not attempted a cg bird. But this is an inspiration and maybe I will attempt one soon.

(blenderjunky) #12

Outstanding! This is a beautiful image. It looks like a painting, more canvas art then CG. Impressive.

(doris) #13

this is great! i vote 5stars and hope it goes top row :slight_smile:

(Nita) #14

wow… looks almost real…


(the muslim) #15

So sweat! :)P.s.: I like the second one. But eyes is a little bit strange.

(bonrw1) #16

Really well done! It looks very real! I hope this gets to top row, it would be well deserved!

(hartj57) #17

I think the image could be a bit overexposed? Perhaps it is my screen, but some of the highlights appear as blocks of pure white. They lose any shading. It might look better if you toned it down a little bit.

Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

(Richard W) #18

It pretty much flew there on its own. :slight_smile:

(Ace Dragon) #19

Nice work, I especially like the care put into the detail of the wooden post, that combined with the bird gives the impression that it could’ve been taken in anyone’s backyard.

(jonathansousa) #20

Very nice work. Lovely colors.