ColorGrade--A Blender-Made Icon Pack for Android

This has been a project of mine since August last year. It’s been on and off, but consistently fun. Instead of using a more conventional vector drawing app to make icons, I decided to go with Blender.

These are the results. (And some of the process!)

Just another great use for Blender, thought I’d share. :slight_smile:


This is really creative, I like it.

Nice. This would make a very good looking Android. :slight_smile:

Very nice application of the tool, thanks for sharing!

Thanks guys! We actually got it up and running on Android last night!

It’s been a really fun experience so far just trying new things in Blender and seeing what it’s capable of outside of the more conventional uses.


It’s finally uploaded to Google Play. If you feel like rocking some Blender-made icons on your Android device, go hit that download button!