Coloring a Mesh

I’m still a Blender noob. And I can’t figure out how to color different parts of the same mesh. I’d like to apply different materials and stuff to the same mesh but I can’t figure this out :expressionless:

have you tried adding a texture?! £Ä3

Hey Whoppy,

To apply multiple materials is not only a somewhat challenging thing to learn on your own, it’s also a bit of a challenge to find the right tutorial. This tutorial is from the blender manual:

it’s always easy to overlook. Good luck!

I’d start with coloring multiple sides of a cube or doing the mushroom like in the tutorial.

If you’re like me, you’ll need to try this tutorial about 3 times before you grasp it. You can do it, trust me. Don’t give up, you can learn this program. And when you do, you’ll know that you can learn anything.

Woaw! Believe it or not, I was doing it right… but the materials didn’t apply because I had “OBJ” on instead of “ME”! 8) Thanks!