Coloring and Texture Question

Hi, I’m not sure if this tag is the right one, but I’m attempting to make Silver Edge from dota 2 if you guys play dota. I wanted to know how to make this (sorry for the small image, I cannot find any other with bigger image)
I’m not sure if it’s texturing or mesh edit.
Thanks for the reply in advance!


Looks like a bubbly kind of surface.

I think you could just put Noise texture put levels to 0 or 1, plug it into Bump node and plug that into Normal of the Principled BSDF you use for the sword. You should however limit that with either textures or vertex colors so it stays where you want it.

I understand the first half but how do I limit the color? is it just assigning it to the part where I want the color change?
I might also clear the things out, the texture I want is not the silver part, but it’s the middle one, I think noise also work but I’m not really sure

Thanks for the help!

Yes I see what you mean and it look like the surface there is wavy. You can limit it with vertex colors. Check google how:)

Oh I see, I thought you meant the noise for the silver edge, it does have some noise texture if you look closely, and thanks for the help!