ColorRamp clamps my noise texture

I hope someone can help. Is this ok, that the colorRamp node clamps black or white areas of the noisenode assoon as you put them inbetween?
This is what I mean. Black and white on the colorRamp node are pure 0/100

Thanks for any help

The Musgrave texture output values outside the [0, 1] range, and as the ColorRamp uses just that interval as the Fac input, all values bigger than 1 and less than 0 (Musgrave also outputs negative values), are clamped.

The work around is to scale the output of the Musgrave texture to fit inside the [0, 1] interval…
For example, you could use the MapRange Node, (FromMin -1.6, FromMax 1.6, toMin 0.0, ToMax 1.0) and use the result in the color ramp.

Thanks a lot! That worked fine.

Maybe you know too, if it is the musgraveTexture… the displacement seams not to use the normal of the plane to deform. I tends to lean over, in my case to the right side. Maybe this is because of some wavedistortion or so?

Thanks a lot for your help.

ok, that is interesting. It happens because I went from the math node into the displacement soccet. As soon as I include the displacement node inbetween it works as it should.

The displacement socket is now a vector socket (not a float). If you input a float, it will be converted into a vector with the same X, Y and Z as the float value, giving you a diagonal vector between the X, Y and Z axis.

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ah ok. Thanks a lot.