Colossos Rollercoaster Beast


earlier this year we did a commercial to feature the reopening of a rollercoaster at Heide Park Resort in germany. Main attraction is a huge wooden beast that seems to tear apart the whole rollercoaster.
Blender was used to re-sculpt (we got a model but they wanted it different) the beast, and also to create its displacement maps and paint its textures.
Here is the full movie and some pictures (there are more films, but that’s the only one with the beast):

The beast inside Blender:

some details:
Beast sculpt and texturing in Blender, animation C4D
Rollercoaster is procedural Houdini (a short overview of the setup - german)
Rollercoaster POVs is GoPro footage, not cg!
Growing roots is my beloved Softimage (RIP)
Everything else is Cinema4D with Redshift for rendering.


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