colour dots appear in my renders

as the pic shows. how to fix it ? thx

There could be a violation of energy conservation somewhere (the shader is causing some values to go above 1 and is causing the fireflies).

Double-check the shaders and confirm whether or not it continues if color values are darkened a little.

hello, thanks for replying. not sure where sure I check.? here is my material


thx for replying , not sure where should i check. here is my setting

Okay, I didn’t know you were using BI, the idea of energy conservation doesn’t matter so much then since the engine has no GI.

This doesn’t tell me anything unfortunately, it could actually be something with the light settings or the world settings that are causing the dots, or it could even be a bug of some sort.

hello, here is my blender file I try so hard to find the problem in this fwq days still could not figure it out