Colour from the dark

Blender 2.82 + Cycles, Marvelous designer and Affinity Photo


wow, this is the best interior lighting that i have ever scene.
Please share your setup and lighting tips!!!


Dunno – I see a definite problem with this composition (IMHO). Since the eye is attracted to the “brightest and most contrasty thing,” my eyes go straight to ceiling. Then, seeking as usual to try to find a circular path back to start, my eyes hit the lamp, then the floor-shine, then the leaf-shine before returning to the ceiling. If the intended subject was supposed to be the chairs, or the coat that appears to be draped over one of them (the front of which disappears into opaque-dark), my eyes didn’t even see them.


The intended subject was the ceiling, the rest of the scene only complement it

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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