colour pick type clone tool?

Hi guys
So if i press S with curser over a 3d model view it chooses the colour(not very accurate) is there something similar that can be used to clone the image . So u hold curser over a spot on the 3d model and can then draw the pattern that the curser was over?


Add Monkey…Go Texturepaint - in T - panel - add simple UV’s then add paintslot…Add UV’s unwrap monkey and add paintslot is the Image.

Now…In Properties panel - Texturetap - Click the Box and Select Brush - Open You’re Texture…You now have a texture Brush.

In T - panel Below texture - Change texture mapping to Stencil…Default is Tiled…You can now use the clone Brush…:slight_smile:

See picture…It is in left corner.

Use RMB to drag it…Ctrl - RMB to Rotate…Shift - RMB to size it…Hmm dunno if there is more.

Last thing be sure You paint with white color…Because the clone use the color You have in Your brush…:slight_smile:

Can’t help with the s - picker…


Ok thx bud