Coloured Fluids

So, I don’t have a .blend file about this, but been banging my head against a brick wall trying to achieve it.

I was wondering if anyone had managed to achieve multiple fluids (or inflows) where each fluid is a different entity but still work with each other.

Easiest example I can give is to have two fluids both of VERY different viscosities and perhaps a different colour.

Anyone got any ideas/thoughts on this as it appears you can only have one domain per scene. I guess you could somehow convert the domain into an actual object and do another domain but how would they react with each other.

Possible, or beyond the capabilities at the moment?

Not possible in Blender at the moment. The domain is converted in to the simulated fluid. And since you can only bake one domain at a time, and the resultant fluid can’t be set up as an obstacle, it’s not possible for it to react with any other fluid. You can have multiple inflows in one domain, though. That’s no problem at all.

Nope. Impossible in this generation of fluid sim. To paraphrase something I read here when someone asked for this exact same thing: on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being a compile from source and 10 creating Blender from scratch, this would be a 12. So there ya go.

colored fluids, by themselves, obviously, are easy. just make the material for it.

I am so bored at work.

If you look at past SIGGRAPH papers you’ll find one of multiple interacting fluids and a video. Luckily N_T has been active in improving his fluid sim in Blender and may someday put this in.

hi blenderheads , i have a question , is it possible to convert the fluid simulation into a mesh ???

Can you make a sim then use that mesh as the moving object in another sim? Wouldn’t mix well but oh well.

yea , but how do you convert the fist sim into a mesh???

Isn’t it a mesh after you bake it? Yeah you would have to bake it obviously and then the first fluid wouldn’t seem to mix with the first but the second would move around the first at least.

hi blenderheads , i have a question , is it possible to convert the fluid simulation into a mesh ???
I remember seeing that a python export script was made that could convert the fluid simulation data into meshes to be opened in a different 3-D program so that Blender’s fluid simulations could be used in other programs after they were baked. You might find something if you search here, and or cgtalk.

Would there be a way of maybe using a baked fluid simulation, with a soft body cube or surface, so that the fluid would distort the softbody, making it look liike too fluids?