Colt 1911 *attempting photo realism*

Trying to get this as realistic as possible. Opinions? Will post wireframe and other renders soon.


Also trying to keep this from getting too heavy with the polys. Not necessarily low poly just… reasonable haha. Just noticed the edges of front sight are a bit sharp.

can we see the wireframe

Wireframe, and another render. Changed the grip to wood and did a bunch of minor changes.


looks a little boxy from the front. You can get a set of blueprints from here:

It can be helpful having some dimensions to check your model against.

Alright, thanks

Completely new material, and some minor changes!


the new material is much better. i have never seen any handweapon with such a scratchy surface like in the first version. some of the edges might need a little bevel. and the area, where the bullet casing is thrown out looks like glas.

You need some details to better define the edges: scratches should be focused on the edges and some dust/grunge on the crevices. Several tools in Cycles/texture painting to accomplish this.

BTW Sweet modeling for sure!

Going to call this the finished version, I’m sure more things could be done to it but oh well. Thanks for all the help!