Colt .45

Hey everyone been a long time since I posted here, I got a colt .45 WIP going to make it into a game ready model, I have both kind of ready to go still have some details to work out before I unwrap and make normals and bumps but hopefully it’ll look good when I’m done. Comments and Crits encouraged :slight_smile:


Just a little update working on textures and materials. Any comments and crits are welcome!



Looking Good!
Keep it up!

Personally id love to make a glock 17 one day!
Super high res with some smoke spiralling out the barrel for a screensavor :wink:

Before I officially call this one finished figured I’d post it here so that I can get any last minute critiques on it


I’d love to see a wireframe on this. This is pretty cool. I like the fact that you put an empty cartridge in there. Why is there that bluish shadow under it?

Your rounds are way off.
.45 in not a necked round.

Also note here and here that the recoil spring guide is not protruding from the front when cycling.