Combed hair with dynamics

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to add some physics to a curved combed hair like this:

But when I apply the Dynamics, the hairs tip just fall because of the gravity, of course. So the haircut is not the desired

I wonder if there’s a way to maintain the curved shape while the entire strand have physics. Stiffness works from the root to the tip, I’m looking for an opposite approach where the root rotates by the physics and the strand keeps stiff from the tip. Or any other method which can maintain the hair shape while having dynamics.

Thanks in advance!

A simple way is to comb it and then use weight paint in particle edit mode to increast the weight of the tips. Using a value of about 0.9 is good to keep the bounce in the hair when it moves without looking too odd, but you will have to experiment as it is dependent on the forces, hair and the movement.
Hopefully the image will be properly appended…

Thanks BiggR! I’ll test it tomorrow!

Hi again BiggR! It take me a few days to resume that work. It totally worked, thank you very much :smiley:

It was difficult to have a soft simulation cause the strands were too short so they acted very stiff. For anybody with the same problem, I’ve increased the mass and the Air Damping, decreased the stiffness and decrease the Gravity (in Particles’ Field Weight tab) to 0.063.

Glad to see it helped :slight_smile: