Combination of yafray hdri and internal lighting possible?

I’m using a hdri image to illuminate my scene, but additionally, I want to use a shadowmap for projecting the silhouette of a tree on a wall.

Is this possible?


Try using a spot light with only shadow button pushed.

hmm… doesnt seem to work =/
I did some scene which worked with Blender Internal correctly (Projecting faked shadows trough a plane with transparency map on a cube), increased the power of the light and rendered it with yafray and hdri…

No light visible on the cube. Here comes the consturction of the scene :slight_smile:

light -> -> -> |(Plane with transparency map)-> -> -> CUBE

Now I tried the scene without the Plane, and it seems to be illuminated by the Spotlight… Conclusion: The transparency Map seems not to work correctly with yafray. … =(

Second try: I linked directly a texture to the light source. Internal Render: Effect ok. Yafray:Nothing =/

Any idea to do the effect I wish to do on another way?


So in your scene instead of an actual object creating the shadow you are using a plane with a design of the shadow? If that’s the case the shadow only lamp wouldn’t work. And since you are using yafray and hdri I don’t know if an image on a lamp is supported. I’ve used image texture on a lamp to get the effect you want but don’t know if it is supported in yafray.
You might try asking this question on yafray forum.
Sorry I couldn’t help If I come up with a way to do what you want I’ll let you know.