Combine 2 scenes through glass (id mask, compositor)

Judging by what I’ve seen so far, blender doesn’t like Glass too much.

Regardless, what I tried to do was combine blender and cycles scenes, with blender scene showing through glass in cycles.

I obviously failed.

bump.blend (759 KB)
After some research and ultimately - a headache, I turn to you guys.

My question is - how in the world do I pull this off? There pretty much isn’t a way to convert the blender scene to cycles (I’m using a node setup that seems to only work with blender render), and I need that glass in between.

I probably am missing something simple, and if so please do inform me.

If you want to have the glass deformation on suzanne, you have to include it in the same render than the object with glass shader. You can’t put it behind afterwards and have the Cycles render deformation.

What do you want to do exactly?

I wanted to do that exactly. I want suzanne and effects applied to her scene via compositor (glow, sharpen, etc) behind that glass and in blender render. Now, I know I could technically just render suzanne’s scene with compositor effects preapplied onto a plane within the cycles scene, but that would mean I can’t animate it…

Nope, never mind, I think I got it. Alpha-ed suzanne through the glass mesh via object index, and then overlayed all that with the original cycles scene through a material index (don’t think the latter was necessary though)

Glass shader is never easy to composite because it doesn’t mean that object is transparent. Actually, for Cycles, the render isn’t transparent at all and the output of the render will be solid, with no alpha.
But what you can do is integrate suzanne in the render and use the refractive render layers (transmission) to get only what’s behind the glass and then apply color correction on it in comp.

Actually, overlaying suzanne over the glass via id mask and then adding the glass itself to the result (via same index) seems to so far do the trick, as long as the backgrounds match.