Combining Eevee and Cycles renders

Just a little something something I did yesterday.
Seems like a great way to get effects like bloom without sacrificing cycles material reproduction.
I’ve noticed that with some procedural materials(like the slipstream effect) there is significant banding in Eevee output. Whereas its not a thing in Cycles. This doesn’t present a huge issue in animation where that effect is moving, but in stills its kinda obvious and not so pretty.
/Includes Chris Kuhn’s Shenzhou model.

Anyway: Experiments!

Bottom left: Eevee
Bottom right: Cycles
Top: Both combined with ‘lighten’ in photoshop.

Same deal, but used ‘soft light’ instead. Not as nice, but still interesting.


i have similar idea before. the idea is to use a low sample cycle rendered result (denoised) as a indirect light reference.

That would capture the lighing effect of emission shaders, right?
Is it posdible to get both render outputs directly, as inputs in Composer, without saving to file, and then inputting from file?

Isn’t this essentially how nVidia’s RTX cards work? Low sampling with powerful denoising over raster rendering to result in a “real time ray-tracer”?

If I’d used low samples in cycles, probably :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, Bornstellar eh? Enforced an imperial peace on any ancient humans lately?

I’m making my rounds, lol. Can’t let the Didact have all the fun. Wait, what’s this infection thingy here… oh shit- I’ll have to get back to you.

Thats quite interesting idea actually, just have seen in THEA RENDER+SKP
similar capability: you can diffuse RT layer with chosen stage/s/ of vis: wireframe/shaded/opengl/styled etc.

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