Combining multiple videos side-by-side

I have multiple recordings, that I want to merge into a single movie. (for example likein this movie). How should I go about doing that?

You can use the Scale and Translate nodes to position each clip

You can also use the VSE and a transform effect strip on each strip, then stack them above each other on the time line to play concurrently.

Thanks for the ideas. I’ll give the solution of 3pointEdit a try first, because then I can still do some editing as well.
But I like the compositor solution because it gives me more options though…

Is there a way to use masks as alpha channel in the VSE?

The VSE doesn’t currently do alpha changes, that is you cannot use a mask on a strip to influence it’s transparency directly. At the moment you need to do a work around:

  1. add strip a at the bottom
  2. add mask 1 above it set to multiply
  3. strip b on top
  4. add mask 1 inverse on top set to multiply
  5. group or meta-strip, strip b and mask 1 inverse
  6. alter Meta-strip’s blend type to add.

Terrible huh?

And you can’t move the overlay strip around unless you modify the mask on both layers as well, so forget about scaling.

In this regard the compositor is far more usefull at the moment.

I managed to avoid the need for masks, by making a lot of use of the crop and offset of the video tracks, and adding a transform strip above each track for the positioning and scaling.
Thanks for the help.