Combining seperate meshes

Hi guys
I know very little about 3d modeling just enough to edit existing work. I am using make human for the character modeling but i now want to add armor to the body I figured as i have armor 3d meshes i could weld them onto the character and change texture to represent different armor types(skin pokes through armor if i just join the 2 meshes). So how can i merge the character skin with the armor (the armor is not touching the body apart from shoulder area.

Thx for any assist.

Join character and armor (select both, Ctrl J)
Then, delete the invisible body parts under the armor.

Or, if you want to keep body mesh and armor apart, use a Mask modifier in order to hide the invisible body parts (Create vertex group of the parts which are to be hidden, then select the vertex group in the modifier field).
This way you don’t need to join the meshes, which might be nice because you don’t have to re-unwrap and re-texture the body. The armor stays separate. And you can anytime get the full body mesh back with deleting/inactivating the modifier.

Hey motimo thx for the reply. I know about the ctrl join bit problem i have is when animated the body parts are sticking through the armor. I’m porting the characters to unity so would the hidden vertex group remain hidden outside of blenders enviroment?

Well just tested it i used two seperate characters joined them and hid the one ported to unity unfortunately the hid one was only transparent in unity but still visible. He is a ghost of his former self.