Combining UV Map Layouts?

I am trying to combine / join two objects that both have their own UV maps.
When I do that, the new combined object has two different sets of UV layout.

No major problem: I can adjust the material from the object I added to include an “Input / UV Map” node, and set this to the object’s original UV map.

But to keep it simple, I would like to combine the original UV layout into the joined object’s layout.

Is there a way to do that?

Is this what you want to achieve?

Here the two objects are joined (CTRL+J).

Just make sure that UV Channel names are the same and then they will combine when you join the objects.

Thank you for your response… but, no, that’s not it. I’m not trying to get two object onto one UV map… I am trying to combine the UV Layouts.

But luckily veti was able to understand my convoluted thoughts, and his method does exactly what I am trying to do.

That’s it!
That was all it took? Wow…!

Thank you 265 times… once for each vertex I don’t have to remap manually now.

Ok . . :grinning:

Two distinct objects with their own UV:
- a cube (UvMap_Cube)
- a cylinder (UvMap_Cylinder)
- I select them (with Shift key).
- I switch to edit mode.
- all the UVs are on the UVmap of the last selected object. (here the cylinder…)