Comet Pedal Fire Fighter Car (Toy)


I recently finnished the following project. I had much trouble with lighting because usually I use light planes in Yafray but I got some ugly reflections.

Then I tried to use Hemi+Lamp and the shadows are acceptable I think even I am not totally satisfied yet…

So here it is:

  • Tib

Very Nice Pedal Car Tiberius. Great modelling, and lighting. Love that shade of red. Did you model this from reference or scratch?


Thanks. I found this car in a kids magazine (for my son Manuel ;-). This model is not identical, more a free interpretation.

  • Tib

this is definatly a gallery pieace

uhmm… nice model and colors…

the scene and the lighting are telling one thing, and the reflections in your car are telling another different one.

That is the drawback of using a outdoor HDRI image for lighting up a supposed indoor scenes.

While it might be nor relevant for common untrained eyes, don’t do that if you have professional pretensions or you are serious about your CGI work.

3 stars.

Alvaro, thats an interesting point you have. The longer I think about the more I agree with you.

Often you see hdri reflections in studio setup which obviously have nothing to do with the visible studio scene… but you never see a rocky landscape :wink: