Comic Sans MS font?

(Timothy) #1

Hey all,…

I kind of need the Comic Sans MS font but as type 1 so it can be used in blender.
I need the font as curves, thus using elefont is out of the question.

Anyone know of any convertors perhaps?

In the worst case I will have to model the letters myself :frowning:

(Koryo) #2

Hello Kib_Tph,

You can find a converted version of Comic Sans MS here. It is a Type 1
version of Comic Sans MS that I converted a while ago. If you are interested
in converting TTFs to Type 1 files yourself I recommend ttf2pt1, but I can
only confirm it working in FreeBSD and Linux. It may work in Windows.

(Timothy) #3

ah this font is perfect!! thanks alot dude.

I needed it for the elYsiun logo,… I’ve got it in blender now!!

(Timothy) #4

ps I needed it for:

thanks again :slight_smile:

(ray_theway) #5

Yup, it does work in Windows.