Comicon Challenge - Spider-Man

Hi everyone!
I wanted to share a project i finished fot this year Comicon Challange on GameArtisans as all work exept sculpting and baking maps was done in Blender. GLSL rocks!
Hope you like it.

wow, looks amazing, just like the real thing!!!

Amazing! :slight_smile:

Really cool. The only thing that sets me off is his duck feet and the lack of muscles on his legs.

Great model, you really got the essence of ole Spidey! (I should know, I am comics artist and fan of Spider-man for a long time) - Gallery stuff!

Great work, five stars no doubt!

Wow! That’s wicked! It does look exactly like Spidey! It reminds me of my childhood comic addiction with this. Really really amazing! Awesome stuff! :slight_smile:


The part where legs touch that sphericpolethingy seem to have alias issues? Also it misses shadow? Other than that very nicely executed…

Excellent 5 stars

Excellent Work!
maybe the feet on the first picture are a little bit too big or the shins are too thin, that’s the only thing which seems strange to my eyes.


Really great job, fantastic sculpting and conversion into low/mid poly mesh, materials and texturing are brilliant. The only crits in the first final image is the lack of shadows at his feet resting on the post, it is quite noticeable and there also seems to be some deformation issues in the pose at the knee area, which I can understand is difficult to overcome.

The presentation and construction shots are great also, although I would re render the second image with higher anti-aliasing. All in all minor stuff, it is 5* work and I hope you do well in the comp.

I love that pose. It’s angry, and you can’t even see his face. Great work.

Allrighty, been staring at the first pic for 10 mins…nice, very nice!!! ya, the calf muscle issue, it’s missing…great thighs and muscles there, but no lower leg muscles. Still, it’s a great pic, I love it, it kept me mesmerized for a few mins. I would buy this issue if I saw that cover. Better than I can do… 5 stars, two thumbs up, and one stiff d!&k…Great work!!!

you come very close to the orginal work , search for Romita Legacy for you want to see the original, 5 stars from me.

the feet are like that because of the stylised nature that spidey is drawn in; I always try and stare clear of criting comic book anatomy because much of it is about stylisation and exaggeration rather than realism. character can be drawn more than 8 heads, woman are drawn with longer legs than normal, waists are smaller than normal etc.

I can’t agree with stylized proportions with this render. Feet doesn’t look cool on final pose, while the standing renders it look great.

I most certain that comic book ppl are striving to make their characters cool and awesome.

Never the less. This is a 5 star piece.

Awesome first post. Spidey is definately my favorite superhero and I think you nailed it down.