Coming Home - A Christmas Tale (EEVEE short)

Hi all!
I’ve been working on a short animation made with Blender 2.90 series for Christmas. This is not my first Blender animation but it is the first time a get a kind of realistic rendering. My previous animation was rendered on Blender Internal, 6 years ago! :sweat_smile:

Here is the result:

It took ~2 months for modeling, texturing, rigging and animating the assets. It is rendered by EEVEE on a laptop with a GTX 1060 6GB. The rendering time was mainly between 5 and 10 seconds by frame. Some shot have been longer to render (15s) because I merged both interior and exterior scenes in a third composite scene. Cameras were synchronized so that it seems to be rendered at once.

I have modeled the 3D assets in this video. Every external asset is referenced in the description of the video.
I hope you’ll enjou this short! :grinning:


“Well, this just goes to show you what a gingerbread man can do without arms!” :smiley:

I really appreciated the “fine touches” that you used here, such as excellent use of focus-pulls and putting some of the end-credits initially behind other objects that were in the frame. The cinematography is very imaginative and believable. I liked the color palettes that you used, particularly with the snowmen.

Hi sundialsvc4,
Thank you, I’m really pleased to know you’ve enjoyed this short!
As you notice, I’ve tried to do a hard work on the picture colors, the animation of characters and camera, and the framing. The lighting is unique to each shot, using a 4-point lighting setup. The goal was to create a warm ambience inside and a cold one for the outside. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re intested in, I’ve made a series of tutorials to create the snowman scene, they can be seen as a making-of as well.

Just few words on the characters on this short.
When I was a child, one of my fav hobbies was to draw comics starring a mischievous cactus. Later my first ever Blender animation, around 15 years ago, starred a singing band of gingerbread men.
I chose these characters as this is my first animation since several years, Blender has evolved embedding a new renderer (EEVEE) and so many things to relearn. Not a complete reboot but this new short is a symbol of my return on Blender animation projects thanks to EEVEE !

That’s also why I thank the developers at the end of the credits, as they do an incredible work to allow us freely fulfil our needs of creation.

Merry Christmas! :santa: