Coming to theaters: Guitar Hero, the movie.

I laughed so hard at the comments, but hey, if they are making the ‘The Sims’ movie, they can make Guitar Hero, the movie.

oh please GOD tell me its fake!

I still cant believe they’re going to make a “sims” movie. are we just going to watch people clean toilets and sleep for 2 hours?

If this is real I might have to kill myself.

I read another article that stated that while Ratner had expressed interest multiple times to making a guitar hero flick - and supposedly even has a plot to go along with it - Activision has pretty much shut him down as far as getting it off the ground at all. Which is good. I think there’s already a movie that sums up the guitar hero thing pretty well:

Air Guitar Nation - check the trailer at that link :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, for reals?

They’re making a Sims movie? i must have missed that.

Hmm… If the movie is anything like my game, then there’s going to be a lot of torture involved.

I want tetris: the movie, and bubble bobble: the movie. :smiley:

They should make a movie about Doom III

Hehe, grab the rocket from the air and drop it in a heavily carpeted room…fun times.

Sims the movie sounds cool. First we burn the husband with a defect ofen and then he comes back to hunt the house as a ghost. A plot made in heaven.

After which the wife drowns in a swimmingpool because the exit ladder magically vanishes. Then she comes back to haunt the house as well and they become a happy little ghost family with two ghost kids and a ghost dog.

Rock Star wasnt bad…(i didnt really read much of that article.just saw that Rock star was in it)…I think the actors and actresses need some many…Kinda like Jack Black(the actor not the JB on this site) needed some money because Be Kind Rewind SUCKED BUTT!..

This is really pointless…Guitar hero the game didnt really have a GOOD enough story to make a MOVIE!..I might have to see it so my family can SUE the people that made the movie after i kill my self!(Joking!)…God Damn that ruined my day…I like the game though…

I have - no lie - a treatment for a Tetris movie on paper somewhere. I wrote it a couple years ago after I made a bet with my friend that I could transform any game ever made into a watchable movie idea. I did one for Arkanoid and a few others as well. Pacman proved to be mostly impossible.

I have considered using the Tetris idea to make a fake trailer that would allow me to use Blender to make some live-action effects shots. It dealt with aliens terraforming the Earth, similar in a way, i guess, to Independence Day. It would probably make for a really crap movie, but the trailer would be hilarious.

Pacman proved to be mostly impossible

You mean you haven’t heard?:eek:

Yes, Pacman is being made into a movie as well.

They are either geniuses or idiots. Unless you make a Pacman film about the actual game, then I got nothing. Big yellow circle, ghosts and fruit in a maze. Love interest - identical yellow circle with bow and lipstick. Drug abuse.

Ms.Pacman kidnapped by ghosts, pacman must traverse labyrinth - eating only fruit (and pretzles!!) - until he can find and rescue her… by popping some sort of steroid before eating her captors.

It can’t work…

You just need the special effects and it will be a blast.
The labyrinth is going to look like a city scape and the ghosts are real humans. Pacman is going to be a guy dressed in yellow and Ms. Pacman is going to be the same only she has a pink bow in her hair.
Now all you need is lot’s of guns and explosions. Maybe some spaceship.
Claim it is based on pacman and voila…

Next thing you know, there’s gonna be a Tomb Raider: The movie. Wait, is that one already released?

You FAIL! Another person to add to my ignore list.

No problems, seeing as you were already there in mine…
Did you say something?