Command line error


Can anyone give me an idea why my command line render attempt has errors. This is my first time trying this. Says "error can not read file— and access denied.

The path to your blend file and output file contains spaces. Enclose both your blend file path and output path in double quotes like this:
blender.exe -b “c:\blablabla\blabla.blend” -o “c:\blabla bla\bla.exr”

Thank you!! That worked great. How does it know which camera to render? I have multiple cameras set up. Does it render the active camera after you last shut down Blender? Is there a way to batch render still frames from multiple cameras?

Thanks again!

It would also be cool if a single tiny pop up window could show up to show visual progress

So, it went through the rendering process. It saved all of my ID masks but would not write the final image. I had the path in quotations as suggested. Any idea as to why it did not write the final EXR?


Actually, I see I am missing the end quotation on the save path…

You also have a folder path there that starts with a space: " 2017". It is probably a typo. I suggest to copy-paste paths, not type them in, to avoid such problems.

Btw, if you read the render log, it usually tells you what the problem is.