Command line, render file as is


I recently answered a question about how to render specific frames of an animation:

Then I needed to do it myself:

./blender -b /home/eric/Desktop/3d/2.93.0/decision-making-recent.blend -o //frames/decision-making/cam_base-#### -f 0000..0012,0041..0047,0075..0079

And discovered that I have to enter the output filename and location… I am just curious if there is a way to use the file as it is saved, like if I opened the file and press ctrl f12 what would happen?

Also, is rightclickselect the only place to point out this idea?

I very highly recommend B-Renderon, which is a kickass standalone Blender render management app. No learning curve, drag and drop, tons of options, including frame range. It truly is da bomb.

Thanks for the reply, and the suggestion, although I don’t think that would improve things for me currently. Thanks again.

I’m not completely clear on what you’re asking. I assume you want to use the render output path that’s set in the file without needing to set it again when doing a command-line render?
If so, then there’s probably something wrong with the path you’ve set in the file because you don’t need to set the output path when rendering from the commandline.

Hey, great, I guess I should have tried a little harder. The manual is not explicit on that front as far as I can tell. Thank You.