Comment flagging and moderation

Another problem is, replies not include any prohibited word, but flagged. I met several times, message not include any prohibited word, but someone flags this messages. This is a problem and harming to free and democratic conversation.

I moved your reply here as it was off-topic to the original post.

I think you’re confusing ‘freedom’ with ‘having no consequences to your actions’, and ‘democracy’ to ‘participating on a private platform’. Yes, we have rules. And we need those to keep this community relevant, safe and clean. Posts also don’t disappear because one user flags them - however if multiple people do it will become hidden until a moderator has taken a look. We only reject a small number of posts each day but yes, we do have boundaries. If you feel this limits your ‘freedom’ (it doesn’t), then perhaps this isn’t the right forum for you.


Yes, the problem is there. Although the message does not contain anything against the forum rules, it can still be flagged.

Some peoples can not like some messages, but if this message does not contain anything against the forum rules, this message must not remove or hide.

As I said, one individual false flag will accomplish nothing and will not hide a message. And our moderation team will review all flags and remove them if they’re incorrect.

But I take automatic personal message and only say: “Several peoples flagged that”.

Example, inside a topic starting public lynch to Andrew Price, and I take this automated message:


This is an automated message from Blender Artists Community to let you know that your post was removed.

Your post was flagged as inappropriate: the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines.

This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.

You are so professional. I am very impressed :slight_smile:

So, if I don’t like homos, then I must never do business with you, or I don’t like homophobics, then I must never business with you.

That’s what professionalism is. Nobody do business with other, because we are thinking.

Please review our community guidelines for details.

offensive, abusive, violation. Which one include in this message? We are say this: IRONY. With irony a person can criticize another person without violation, abusive or offensive.

Please do not misunderstand this. These are just my criticisms of the inability of some groups to unjustly pressure people and messages.

Here you go - this wasn’t an automated removal but our moderators agreed with the flags. Your ‘you are so professional’ is the kind of ad hominem attack that we’ll remove.

Because this person was acting unprofessional about a professional issue.

But I see, I must never join any discussion on this forum, because whatever I say, even this be irony, this will accept like ad hominem.

Best regards.

I didn’t read your specific post and also did set my notification level to normal for this specific thread because i didn’t want to follow this non-sense (because it just makes no sense for…) about the ranting (or whatever) about anyone… but i also never understood this kind of mindset that any human has the right to say anything even lies or insults (not directly reffereing to you… as i said: didn’t read). I’m aware of the different interpretations of this in the U.S. and Europe… and to be honest this bewilders me…

But it’s so easy:

Do want you want unless you are not harming anybody else.

Also democracy is a form of government and this community is far away of govern any area on this earth. And what do you mean by this anyway? Even in a democracy not every action has to be voted by all members (>100.000 here on BA) ??? But also there has to be more than one involved to take actions against something… so no dictatorship… (and who have to take responsibility for those words…)

That’s another weird thing (for me at least) when some people speak of democracy or free speach (and i’m not specifically adressing you now)… This also doesn’t mean that another person has the right to do everthing to re-accuse or whatever some other because he already did… (this is even getting to complicated for me…)

Or put it this way: I never understood:

Don’t tread on me (but i can trample on you).

(Oh my… this is getting highly political and not everybody does know the first part of that motto…)

And your conclusion… well…

But before this might be escalate into another flame war: If there was irony involved… well maybe just someone didn’t get it… or (what irony) the irony just wasn’t good enough…?

Oh and that: “not against the rules”. I believe in:

Don’t make me into making rules.


– First rule: The captain is always right.
– Second rule: If in any circumstances the captain isn’t right rule number one has to be applied immediately.
– Third… Why you are still reading? Go and report yourself to the captain.

(See? This was irony…) And the Kaptajn here is the man who pays the bills (did someone noticed the broad hint?.. And all this without Emojis…)

P.S.: I think i need some fresh air now. So i may not answer in the next minutes… to hours…

Can I ask, why my reply hidden, but Okidoki not? They said me non-sense, I said to he non-sense, but my message hidden? What is this?

Your reply was just plain rude. Don’t do that again please.

Rude? Did you read Okidoki’s message?

If that’s how things work here, please close this thread.

The difference is: they never attacked you specifically, didn’t call you names, and didn’t get overly passive-aggressive (not forbidden by any law, but still rude).
There’s difference between attacking the argument (dialog) and attacking the person’s character (insult) :person_shrugging:



I did not read this bullshit non-sensed message, but I feel this is completely crazy shit…

I suppose now I wrote legal things…

I was speaking about the mentioned thread in general and also said that i don’t adress you. I also explained my bewilderment about this mindset. But you didn’t understand a word… at all…
And now you are using the word bullshit (or misquoting me ??) … so you don’t get it and everything someone says now is wrong… so anyone than you lost the discussion.

I’m locking this topic as everything has been said and it’s starting to spiral in the wrong direction.