Comments about GP2X?


as anyone around here have tried the GP2x machine?
And even better, tried Blender games with it?
I have the intention to buy one, for the kid :wink:
Thank you in advance

No one???
Instead of wasting your money in DRM consoles, check this OPEN little
korean wonder:

I saw a thread here:
Unfortunately it seems it can’t help you very much.

By the way thanks for your tutorials. I learned a lot from them.

Actually i was thinking… is that thingie able to connect to internet? Can i install Ubuntu on that?
And the screen… does it work as a Palm?

Oi Thorgal
The more I search, the more I’m amazed
There’s a great community around the world, very active
Well, Linux it’s already installed, but I don’t know if it’s possible to change it
You can’t connect directly to Internet, at the moment, I guess, but with an USB cable
trough another computer, no problem
The little wonder it’s all “standard technologies”
I think that we can “port” Blender games quite easily, but, well, I’m
far from an expert

Monster, thank you for care and the kind comments!!

Seems a little pricey really. 125 pounds is a lot of money. Even better would be a GPL design so others could produce the HW as well.