Commercial illustration work (epicenter)

A few weeks ago, I completed some work while freelancing at LKS Design, on a project for Fuji Xerox. They are setting up four showrooms/exhibition spaces (called ‘epicenter’) in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney to promote and demonstrate their high-end printing equipment. The Tokyo site opened yesterday, so hopefully it’s ok to show this now :slight_smile:

My main project in all of this was creating an interactive kiosk display in Flash, which is displayed inside on a huge plasma screen (80" or something). As well as that though, there are a bit over a hundred posters exhibited throughout the space, illustrating various ideals that they want to promote (eg. innovation, sustainable development, consistency of colour) that serve a dual purpose of showing off the print quality of their top hardware.

I did two of these groups of posters (in Blender), one illustrating ‘business results’ with a series of experiments in information graphics, with sharp fine lines to emphasise precision:
(click to enlarge)

The other one was ‘creativity’. We worked with the very cool guys at Engine who produced a video, some of it involving a scene where someone was ‘painting with light’ similar to what you can do with a sparkler candle in a photograph, but done in 3d. We wanted to use a still frame from it in the posters, but apparently they couldn’t render a file out of Maya that was high-res enough, and it was going to take them a long time to somehow break it up and render it with the detail that we wanted, too. So in the same time as they’d estimated, I recreated and rendered the whole thing in Blender, with our own special touches of nicer detail, colour and control over the layout across the posters :slight_smile: Unfortunately, one can’t get the real effect here, but these are suspended in the air in layers, and laid out so that from the angle you look at it in real life, the parts seem to match up.

All of these were rendered out at A3, 300dpi and printed on an iGen3. Unfortunately some of the fine lines in the pics here look a little jaggy since they’ve been resized down a lot.


what more can i say… Looks absolutely great.

Clean, neat, pro, suffisticated… looks awesome broken. Great design. how did you made those colorful lines? particles and lattics? and the pie chart… how did you made the filling?

broken, that’s awesome. Beautiful visualisations! Nice and clean.

It must have been great to see the Flash-Kiosk on such a big screen.

Thanks, guys!

@ner: For the pie chart, add plane -> subdivide lots -> noise lots -> select all -> erase (edges & faces) -> extrude. For the lines, mainly particle deflection. Some of the colour was added in Photoshop afterwards.

thoro: Unfortunately I live in Sydney and as much as I’d like to, they’re not going to send me to Tokyo just to have a look :slight_smile: So alas, I haven’t seen the finished product on the screen yet. I have been promised some photos, but it may be a while before I get them. The closest I’ve got are the test prints that I took home.


That’s a pity - Tokyo must be a stunning place to visit, it is definetly on my wish list.

I hope that they send you the photos, it’s always good to see how your work is finally presented. A few years ago I worked (as a system administrator) on a short film called ‘Joe Fly’ which was made exclusively for IMAX 3D theaters. It was a huge project (all images had to be rendered in 4096x3112 and in 2 angles to get the 3D effect) and took 1 year to see the final result in an IMAX theater ( ;).

Very professional work broken. Well done.


Wonderful work, broken.

Your abstract visualisations are a very nice variation among the photorealism hype in CG.

I like what you’ve done! Good work! Its most encouraging to hear stories of people getting paid to use Blender! May we all be so blessed!

Thanks all, glad you like it!

Usagi: I share a similar point of view.


Refreshing artwork there Broken, thanks for showing us your work.

Take Care,

Great stuff broken! This almost brings a tear in my eye, 3d media the way I love it. Great work. Hehe. Yeah!

Blend on!

Fantastic are work Broken, you really do know how to use blender :slight_smile:

Awesome work, man.

Could you post some information about how you did these with Blender? I often see things like this, but I can’t really replicate them, so I’m curious as to how they’re done.

I usually dont post fan comments, but :o :smiley:

the business serie is amazing.

Did you try LightsysIV for POV-Ray ? …

You catch me… great “dupli”:slight_smile:


Chaosnil: Well there’s not really a ‘formula’. just a lot of sketching and experimentation to find something that worked right. Most of the rendering was done using the ‘Wire’ option with alpha, if that’s what you mean.

Burt. S: Umm, I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking? It’s all rendered in Blender.


Without knowing this treat i was working with similar ideas, unfortunably not for a firm but only for myself to illustrate my application .
(Sorry for my bad english)
It`s good to know that there is someone out there with similiar ideas .


Umm, sorry I don’t understand well. I hope you’re not claiming that particle deflection graphic as your own work though, because coincidentally enough, that demo file happens to be mine, too.

The only thing I can crit is that some of the pieces (just a few) there is lack of complexity. The agenda/diary one is real good. :smiley: