Commercial project Incepa/Roca

(julioras) #1

Hello everyone! These are some environments that I developed in partnership with Alexandre Chien of Studio Axis for the Incepa / Roca flooring catalog. Criticism and suggestions are always welcome.

Blender 2.78 Cycles Render

Best resolution:

Blender For Corona
(alf0) #2

perfect renders , i am not sure if ther something i can say except of the 2nd img, the piano looks odd with the ground, maybe its just the reflection

question, i think it would be easy if you used the 2.79 principled shadier

(julioras) #3

I also found this but everything is ok

question, i think it would be easy if you used the 2.79 principled shadier?
R: I used Principled BSDF, 2.78 have this option.

(MartinKlekner) #4

Superb renders, I especially like the yellow-dark material on A13. Not sure about the blown-out sky at A17 though. Other than that, love it.

(bkjernisted) #5

Terrific portfolio. What a pile of work. One of my favorite pieces of work.

(alf0) #6

oh really, i didnt have this option when i used 2.78, thy mustv updated it

(julioras) #7

@MartinKlekner Thank you very much.

@bkjernisted Thank you very much.

@alf0 Yes, but now I’m using the version 2.79

(.Pixel) #8

Amazing work, everything looks great. Is there a special reason why you are using 2.78?

(julioras) #9

Thank you!
There is no special reason, When I did these jobs the last version was the 2.78

(julioras) #10

Some settings

(hmd) #11

Incredible quality as usual @julioras - Inspiring … From where do the designs come ?

(Snowpz) #12

Great and clean renders!

(julioras) #13

@hmd All images were done through my client’s reference images.

(hmd) #14

Hi agains @julioras :wink: May I ask where do your models and materials come from ? I mean do you create them yourself ?


Hi julioras,
Super cleaner and juicy !