Commercial texture packages like Total Textures – experiences and recommandations ?

I’m currently searching for commercial texture package (DVD or Download),
the Total Textures package looks promising. Has someone used some of this packages or can recommand any similar


Hi I haven’t tried this yet but Looks really promising, perhaps worth a look ?

Looks interesting, a bit pricy though.
But thanks for the tip!

I’ve bought all of the total textures excluding the latest one, destroyed & damaged and to be honest, most of the total texture collection’s textures are bad. Too closeup shots of textures which makes the tiling too visible when used in a large scene. Of course you could add dirt and other stuff to hide the tiling.

Good sets are
v3 - bases and layers
v4 - humans
v5 - dirt and graffiti -> Alot of nice dirt masks, definiately worth the money.
v7 - scifi
v8 - vehicles
v9 - ancient tribes
v12 - textures from around the world1
v13 - textures from around the world2
v14 - fantasy
v16 - architectural

I’ve also bought






And would really recommend arroway textures if you happen to need any of those materials.

Lastly I’ve also bought textures from
Nature bundle and that is really good set
When ever I’ve get money to buy more textures I will most probably buy something from asile fx ArchiTextures bundle.

Also, of course the cgtextures is a good place to invest, with 59€/year you will get a massive amount of quality textures.

If you need more human references and human textures then it’s a bit expensive but still a great site.

Thanks for your insight. looks great, I will definitely first get an account there. is quite expensive (although I quess it would be worth it), but at least a perfect reference site.

Asilefx and arroway look also very good, especially with additional map types (displacement, specular, …)

As human features like skin, eyes etc. aren’t covered by those, what quality have these total texture packs ?

Thanks again for your time.

Hi Rechi!

Thanks for checking out GameTextures. I know we’re a bit pricey, but you should know that we’re completely unlike any of those other sites. We’re actually here. We provide texture requests, support, help, will teach you as much as we can (for free) and firmly believe in giving back to the community. It’s important to know that we don’t actually make any money. Our materials cost nearly ~$120 EACH to build, and that’s because we pay artists in our community to make them, as opposed to outsourcing them to outsource farms.

As well, we don’t just make textures, we make full, ready to use materials (with all of the specular, normal, displacement, gloss, emissive, transparency maps included) . There isn’t really much competition in quality. All of our artists work at AAA studios worldwide and work at games like Crysis, Dishonored, LEGO games, Travellers Tales Games, Homeworld, and more.

We might not have the 100,000 images other sites have, but we certainly beat them all in quality. Anyhow, come talk to us. If it’s too pricey we have tons of deals and discounts and are generally very happy to help people of any budget out with their projects.

Anyhow, just wanted you to know that we’re here. Just wanted to let ya’ll know.

@unitedfilmdom - thanks for the shout-out!