Committing a change without losing a selection?

I’m a longtime 3d artist, but still learning Blender.

Sometimes I find I want to commit a modeling change and the enter key alone doesn’t seem to do that while also closing the popup as I wish.

So I end up left just left-clicking somewhere, usually off in an empty spot in the viewport.

While this usually works I lose my selection, which I find a little frustrating. Can anyone suggest what I’m missing?

Related…Sometimes the popup persists on the screen no matter how I click or type “esc.” Is there a way to consistently tell Blender, “done with what, I want to move on…”

Usually the LMB confirms your changes and about “popup”: according to there is somethink like Adjust Last Operation (F9) which can be disabled with View → Adjust Last Operation (see…

Thank you for your informative reply.

I like Blender’s UI, but this is something I wish were a bit different. If LMB is the primary way to confirm…then I will always lose my selection. Unless there is something I am missing?

An operation (for example extrude) is confirmed by LMB.
Maybe i didn’t undertand:

What exactly do you mean by commit a modeling change ?

Unless you’re talking about modals (like the knife tool), there is no need to ‘confirm’ the changes. The operator popup is just showing you the last action and allowing you to adjust it, it’s not a state and so doesn’t need to be exited through confirmation.

It seems that some actions aren’t ‘fixed’ or completed without LMB click. And there are times I want to dismiss the popup. To follow with init-pixel’s post, I suppose I must learn which functions are modal. Is there a list of those, or a way of knowing when I’m in a modal state?

There was another thread with someone who wanted to “escape” the color selection “in a quicker way”… and the color selection is on of those which can be exited by just moving the mouse pointer out of it and waiting something like 1 sec… and i didn’t understand the discussion at all…
So if you have something like the extrude tool then the mouse movement controls the extrusion depth… LMB confirms your selection and RMB resets the vallue (but there is a 0 depth extrusion… usefull for resizing the extruded faces…).
What i don’t understand now is:

Of course not… how should blender know the wanted anmount of whatever… ??
One the other hand something like split doesn’t have any options than just do it. And subdivide has some options but those aren’t so variable like in extrusion and could be changed with the Adjust Last Operation menu.
And: so you meant the Adjust Last Operation menu by popup ?? Why don’t call it so… the docu also do so…

Don’t think you are understanding my point, Oki.

It seems to me if the enter key committed the modal actions then I wouldn’t lose an active selection. RMB may commit but it also deselects active mesh. Re-creating selections can take time. Feel free to move along if this is frustrating you - or you feel that I’m attacking Blender (I’m not).

Yes i totally don’t understand about this about loosing a selection… usually ESC will escape… and i don’t understand :

could you please just tell us about an operation which do this or your workflow?

(And you didn’t answered if the diasbling of the Adjust Last Operation menu could help… even didn’t answered if this is the problem.)