Commodore 64

A Commodore 64, made in Blender 2.8 alpha and rendered with EEVEE.

I wasn’t sure about posting this, as it’s finished but not quite “complete” as I had envisioned it. This was made for an assignment in an online class. I’d intended to add a proper desk and some appropriate clutter - such as floppy disks - and maybe even put an image of some kind on the monitor screen. Unfortunately, there was a deadline for the assignment, and I ran out of time.

The time constraint meant I also wasn’t able to complete the texture map for the characters on the front sides of some of the keys, so I had to leave that off as well.

Now that it’s been turned in I suppose it’s true that I could continue working on it and “finish” it for its own sake; but I’ve decided to leave it as is.


Wow! My first computer!
Great job


I had one also, loved that thing. Ah the good 'ol days.


Great model, but I remember them a bit darker,
this looks like the VIC 20 color.

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Maybe it’s a C64G with a black keyboard :smirk:

But yeah, the only remark is that it should be a darker beige color, closer to RAL 1019

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Yes, RAL 1019 looks exact.
I never understood why computers only came in wonderful variations of beige.


German law in the 80s which dictated that office equipment should be beige as part of the established workplace standard. Home micros came in all sorts of colors, but all the serious-business IBM-PCs and AppleIIs were always beige.

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Really? German lawmakers were making fashion-statements about plastic?

Anyway, my first computer was a circuit board, called KIM-1. (I later bought another circuit-board, an Apple-1, heh…) I’ve still got it, and it still works, and although by modern standards it can’t really do anything, I’m still amused today to see the robotics people playing with … circuit boards. Getting their hands dirty with rosin and solder and having a great time.

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Such cool memories :slight_smile: You’re #featured!

PS: I swapped the images so the featured thumbnail would look a little better - hope that’s ok!

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Mine’s sort of dark grey…
Anyway lotsa ol’ guys here…

My first computer as well! Although I started with the tape drive - many trips to Radio Shack to buy 15 minute length tapes to store programs on.

I didn’t have the official monitor - just a 13" color tv.



Thank you! I’d uploaded the two images together and they just ended up in that order, I wasn’t sure how to switch it myself.

Featured - wow, I really wasn’t expecting that!

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I’ve heard that from a couple of people but I expected it. I tended to remember ours being a little more tan, but that was a long time ago and I was very little. When looking up reference photos for this project it appeared to me that C64’s came in more than one shade - everything from a desaturated light-to-medium grey, to a deep tan, and several variations between. I picked one that seemed middle-of-the-road between those two extremes. The color differences in the photos seemed to be more than just lighting; I supposed Commodore did manufacture them in different colors, intentionally or not.

Stellar recreation!

My first one too - clicked on it for nostalgia reasons :slight_smile:
If I’d change anything, it would be the clean look. Put some modern stuff in there, such as a smart phone, and texture the C64 stuff so that it looks like it’s been gathering dust for 35± years :slight_smile:

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Probably my favourite keyboard ever.

Poke 53284,0

And it has Caps Lock (well, “Shift Lock”), so you know it’s internet-ready!

I was more into the 54272-54296 range myself. And of course $0314 and $0315 :slight_smile:

Oh my :smiley:

I still have my Commodore 64. Don’t use it but I still have it! I played a lot of Summer and Winter olympic games on it.


Wow…this is eevee…just the thought that this is real time just ten years ago would be unthinkable…

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