Common Area


(Rio Suryonugroho) #1

Hi…this is my last render Exterior

-Common Area -
Blender + Cycles
Px 1536 x 1920 (1000 samples )
#Color Management
Gamma : 1.00
Exposure : 0.35 - 0.65
Look : Very High Contrast
Use Curve

Hope you like it…

Reference : Blank Canvas Studios “the common area of Davies Road”

(emad) #2

Excellent :+1:

(Calzaath) #3

There is a tiny bit of repeating texture on the ground, but other than that, It looks really good!


Amazing render :open_mouth:


Amazing render from building, it looks like very real :open_mouth:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #6

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

(Rio Suryonugroho) #7

Thanks @bartv:wink:

(Harvester) #8

Excellent job, I like it very much.

(GarageFarm.NET) #9

Very good.
Apart from this little tiling in the second plan …

I love how these dark walls create the mood.
And the lighting.
Very slick.

Jarek D(DJ)