Community 3d side scroller action adventure game

Type of game: 3D Side scroller
This game will be released out to the community for learning purposes
To inspire and attract more attention to the bge.

Game Documentation
(currently being revisited and worked on/will be uploaded soon)

What is this game and how will this project work.

This is a 3D game which be a mixture of old 2D mario with a mixture of combat like in the super smash bros series, but with a simpler fighting set up .
This game will be fully done to show the capability of the bge and to inspire the community to create games and learn from them.
( we are open about this game so if the community as any ideas or would like to see a certain enemy,levels,boss in this game they are free to post it).

Depending on the success and capabilities of the team the game will include various features and fun gameglay.Other different side scroller projects types will be created but for now this is the plan.

Anyone is welcomed to add ideas and support for this game no matter their knowledge and skills in game since this is a bge community game.

Current Developers

Me : Concept artist,3D modelling,Animations,Game Documentation
BluePrintRandom: Coding
Oktow: 3D modelling,Animation,Concept art
Adriansnetlis: 3D modelling

Positions needed:

Someone who’s experienced in scripting in the bge
Someone who’s specifically good with fighting systems and animations

If interested please do send me a private message in my blender artist account.

I have meatlike substitute in resources,

I also wrote a system for fighting games combos

gather inputs as serialized list -> add move to recent move list
the recent move list now can be managed better as a tuple
where [Move, DelayForPop]
so moves fall off the list at a rate we set

if moveList = [‘whatever’] and next move is Y -> Do tiger uppercut

with those 2, and a animation controller you should be about set.

do you want moves like classic Street fighter/castlevania?

Thank you bluePrintRandom for your interest :slight_smile: ,are you sure you will be able to fully stay as scripter for the game ?

The movement will be more like castlenavia nes but with more attack options like in kirby triple delux.

eg if player off_ground and attack is pressed= player performs main air attack

if player off_ground and w+attack pressed = player air_up attack ec…

but if performing an air attack an player hits the ground the attack will be cancelled.

Same thing goes for the ground attack system but with some differences for example :

if player sprinting and attack is pressed = perform forward attack
if player running and attack is pressed= combo
if attack button is being holded for 9 seconds= charge attack \ if attack button released =perform charge attack

as for movement its the usual 2d platformer movement .
Once we get the basic script set up I believe it wont be too hard to have all the mechanics working.

Reference for movement and combo system.

As for enemies and gameplay I plan to have the game level being set up such as this one

if movelist = [‘whatever’] and next move is y -> do tiger uppercut


first lets get your actor up and running and jumping,

its best that you do a legs running and arms running separately,

you can do it by hand, or you can

  1. make tbe full body animation
    2.duplicate it, name one arms, and the other legs, and remove any keys from arms that are leg keys, etc , and then remove the leg keys from arms

why? so you can run, and play different animations up top, like attack , defend, aim etc,

once you get me a run cycle, I just parent it to meatlike substitute,
adjust some stuff, and legs animation controller will probably be

if not jumping or climbing ladder and feat are on ground, if your moving along ground play walk

if your not moving and on ground play idle

Then up top we can have icons for the attacks actually hold the code for the attack, animations, effects, damage etc. that you can bind to controls, or even scroll them for special attacks?

own[‘ListOfAttacks’]= [ObjectName,ObjectName2,etc]

if the index number changes -delete old icon and add new icon from hidden layer.

the icons have a common trigger, so anyone can add them,
if property !=0 -----Do stuff(animations, effects etc)

if done doing stuff ---------property=0

so other coders can help if they want,
(encapsulated code containers)

Sounds like a plan :slight_smile: .
I will work on the model and animations over the weekend and it should be up by the start of next week.

I already have some guts to a side scroller shooter I should add,

But I did it wrong now that I think about it (We can have a animation that is aim starting at all the way down, to all the way up)

Just note that almost anything is possible which is my main problem

I can’t stop.

Make a game design document
or I will continue making a game until I perish :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Blueprint

I have the character already set up but since I read your last post making a game design document will be the easiest and best way to show the way the game functions just give me at least a week or so and a game document with full movement and combo system concepts should be done :slight_smile:

PS if you plan on developing that shooting game I might lend you an helping hand in the future if you need any help.

…interesting idea, looking forward to see some concept art.

Hey BluePrint
Something like this is easy for you to understand (its a draft)? If not please do tell me before I create the finished version with the concept arts.

Thank you in advance

the idea of a community sidescroller/platform game is pretty nice! just a thought … what about a gameconcept that is less restricted and more open to the participation of the community.

for example if i would like to contribute a game character and some assets to a project like this, it would be cool to have them in a kind of a construction kit for the game, which can be used from BGE - beginners to experts to build new levels etc. easily. you know, as long as i had a ps3 - system i was enjoying the lbp - game series. maybe an approach like the gameconcept of lbp would generate more interest and commitment. it could be a simple plattformer if it has a framework that leaves more room for the creativity of the users participating.

@jester elly thank you so much for your great comment :).

You are definitely right,so you think the best approach to this would be to create different types of platformer games in which the community can add ideas,items,characters,enemies,levels ecc so that they can learn and use this various projects as templates ?

eg first 3 months focusing on creating a fun little 2d platformer demo with full playable levels

while afterwards creating another template but with a simple combat system from which players can edit and add their own content to the game?

we can make the game quite fast,

if you have the art,

I have already coded all this kinda stuff,
so really a actor with animations is the next step,

also, will there be climbing, sliding down walls?

I am not a great animator, or a great artist, but I think I have this code thing down.

Ai for side scroller = check
Weapons and attacks managment = check
Locomotion and animations = check

so I will do a framework, and use a standin

I will make it so anyone can set a few properties(animation lengths)
also they change what animations are use in action actuators,

so anyone wilm be able to delete the armature, add there own
and name Jump, Walk, Idle, Duck etc. action armatures,

and then connect from the script in the hitBox over the each action actuator.

Yes ,there will be a ladder climbing system ,wall jumps and sliding down walls system .

I have already the character rigged but I need to add more animations for it .

So far I have(blend is quick prototype with character):[ATTACH]403822[/ATTACH]
combo x3
air basic attack

working right now on
ledge idle animation

updated blend should be up by tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile:

I have been thinking,
I am making a free RPG template with another user,
Perhaps we can have monsters that are in both games?

(cross productivity and promotion?)

Sure everything is fine for me I just want to be able to give free templates for the community learning purposes :).
so if you have any other project I will be happy to lend an hand


Managed to finish all the basic animation for the prototype,not the best animations since they were done quickly but they should get the job done .

I’ll start coding tonight (at least a little) I have some UI work for the FF template, and I should work on the actor steering system for pagios point and click (I forgot about that for a moment)

i am isterested, if ican join this…

@ oktow sure everyone is welcomed to join, check you private message which I sent you :slight_smile:

@BluePrintRandom Thank you for your hard work :slight_smile: