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Logic based Fast paced shooter,

aliens? No.

Zombies? No.

Alien zombie cyborg Mormonainians? Yes…

Convert or be assimilated and gnawed upon and potentially have eggs layed all up in your face…

Praise zombie Joesppy e Smitty.

Resurrected by aliens to bring about the end times…

I know you are probably just jesting, but would you mind not mocking other’s religious beliefs? I get that this is a free speech forum, but we can still be civil and respect each other.

its a game…

I guess I can find something less offensive, I just thought it was funny.

changed - Mormons-> Moromanians

Joesph Smith-> Joeseppy E Smitty.

All is good.

How did you do the pathing/routing to the mouse click? It’s something I’m trying to do myself at the moment and not sure on which exact method I should use.
Could you pretty please show me a tease of it. xD

in “Target”
MouseClick----------python(set own position)
Mouse over any-----/


import bge

def main():

    cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
    own = cont.owner

    sens = cont.sensors['Mouse']
    sens2 = cont.sensors['Property1']
    if sens.positive and sens2.positive:


In player

Mouse click----------and-----------steering -To “target”

here, just check out the file,

Check out “Mouse”

and “Player”

I know there is a lot of logic, I’ll try and rip out a simple version.


AdventureTimeRnot2BC3PO (X).blend (834 KB)

here is just the logic for point click navigation


PointAndGo.blend (459 KB)