Community Journal - Looking for GE Content

Hi all. Just a note to let you all know that I am looking for any Game Engine content that you can muster up for the Community Journal.

Specifically, any of the following:

a) Low poly modelling tutes
b) Game Engine tutorials
c) Complete games c/w making of, etc.

If anyone is interested in providing any of the above, please email me at ba.communityjournal (at)

Thanks, and I hope to see some great stuff.


For people submitting content, it might be worth making sure that it all works properly within the updated GE in the soon-to-be-released 2.41 version.


I been working on something, but I’m willing to hand it over if someone would like to make inprovements

b) Game Engine tutorials

if you want me to give you all the 30 links ok , go to the thead and read it

thank you

Well… I’ve got a small set of tutorials here… but probably not too significant.

The only thing that might make the cut might be the Predator/Prey AI tutorial for the GE. Basically covers randomizing object placement, and a Predator tracking down all the prey(cubes).

c) Complete games c/w making of, etc.

What’s c/w mean?

Jason Lin

I sent you an email, BgDm… did you get it?

c/w = complete with ( ie both GE game, and instructions on how it was made )

Al PM me if you need review/editing/looking over for clarity help. I am VERY GOOD AT CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM. It comes from going to a college where everything but exams that you did had to be peer reviewed and you had to structure you review logically and back them up with fact or YOU yourself got a bad grade.

May it be project under development?
because I’m working on game called B.Fight.
publication may help to this project and hook up some people in to it.

here is an old link, but i’m still working on.

undone project can be also good input for people, if the project is interesting :wink:

now it has it’s own site. Because I wanna make this game like a open project. and work on it with more people.
so here you are


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Brawler The Fallen - Complete Game at

This thread is nearly one year old, but still in the stickies. Does this mean that the opportunity is still open, or has the sticky just not been take down?