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as a contribution for the “blender movie/art festival” at the Blender Conference I would like to create a ‘community showreel’ with the coolest art (animations, stills, videos of interactive productions) made by the Blender community. This showreel would come in the form of a 1- 1.5 hour (?) DVD that can be shown during the art festival and that can (hopefully) be sold in the e-shop after the conference to make an extra buck for the Blender Foundation.

Anyone, but especially the artists who will not be able to attend the conference, can submit their work.

I’ll not be able to pull this off alone, so I’m gonna need a lot of volunteers to help me create this. Before jumping in, let’s ‘test the water’ a bit first :slight_smile: Some of the things that will need to be done are:

Communicating with artists.
Organising and selecting submissions.
Re-rendering animations at DVD/PAL quality.
Creating titles and a leader.
Creating a soundtrack.
Editing the final product.
Designing a case.

I’m already fleshing out the idea, but I’m very curious what the reactions are. Do you like it? Hate it? How would you like to help out? Please let me know here – I’ll keep a close eye on the posts and based on the reactions, try to get the project moving this week.

Have fun,

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Hi [email protected],

good to know you are still alive and still the same die-hard community spirit:D

I like the idea and althought litlle lack of time I would like to contribute with anything you´ll find worth enought.

Count me in, if you are interested in any of my art (links below) I can do some very short animations for cutouts or provide them as stills in any resolution you want.

My game project (not in GameBlender- only art from Blender):
Some of my pictures throught this forum (and from game mostly)
fantasy airship
tower pier to that airship
elemental 24h contest (well, not so good like other pics)

We have a very good music composer in Peregrius team who could possibly compose soundtrack, but I don´t want to speak for him for sure (well, I am rather sure he can and is willing to do it :slight_smile: )

The quality and body of work done has increased since I started observing the development of Blender and this community in 1998. Yes, I think it would be worth it. I submitted a Blender made music video to a film festival, but I won’t know if I won anything or get feedback from judges from Alliance Atlantis Films, Lions Gates Film, and Seville Pictures until Sept 21,2003. If I do win, I’ll let you know, and if you’re interested you can use parts of my video. Good luck with your project. :smiley:

That would be very good, it’s a greeat idea!

You could put in some of the short movie like mindfield, cyan sun and OOM, I think they show what blender can do.

good luck!

You could put in some of the short movie like mindfield, cyan sun and OOM, I think they show what blender can do.

And don´t forget “Just one wish” - it is little old now, but still pretty good imho. It is one of my favorite too :slight_smile: Also some shots from The Last Outpost are just great,

Hey, this is a very good idea, especially if you would sell it in the e-shop. I’m sure a DVD showing off Blender’s capabilities would be good.

I’ve been working on the interior of a room in a mansion in the past 1-2 months, here are some pics of the scene:

I could render a short camera animation of this scene for the reel, plus provide pictures of any part of it, if you think I could contribute it.
NOTE: I used an external renderer, because of the needed reflections/refractions

That’s a great idea ! I have some quite interesting and unusual artistic animation that might be worthy of entry, will have a gallery of images up in the next week or so, until then the only ones posted can be found at :

(have rendered a larger and longer version of “freakier” along with an improved cloudy wormhole too)
Probably not good enough, but no harm in trying ! :slight_smile:

Awesome idea, I would definatly buy it!!

Here’s some artwork, Blender only stuff (some of it was post procced in gimp, still opensource!!).

And these were done in yafray, if that will be allowed.

Blender Boxed Product!!

It is a great idea :smiley:


It’s a great idea indeed. :smiley:


hasnt this already been tried? if i remember, it didnt really work out

does the stuff submitted have to be ONLY blender?

Well, maybe we could include work that’s modeled/animated in Blender but rendered with external renderers as well? Is that what you meant?

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I tried this once before but it flopped, mabye your’s can suceed.

Hi all,

there’s a parallel thread on this subject running on - please read my new message there and follow up on it there, too. That makes it a littlebit easier for me to organise my thoughts :wink:

Here’s the thread

Have fun,

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