Comodore 64

hey guys

this new project is going to be a comodore 64
with this project i try to learn a bit of Lux render.
here is my first version :slight_smile:

the lightning is a bit weird but for the first render it ok i guess.

add some cycles colors
should look pretty nice!

keyboard looks a bit off

happy cl

Quick update to my c64.
i added materials and changed to cycles render engine.
i also made the keyboard more realistic even though i have to work on the materials in generall

if you have any tips for me feel free to post :slight_smile:

edges on screen have a very small bevel
see given link pic

depends how realist you want to to be
casing is split in 2 on the sides
and also split on top see pic given

do u have access to a real commodore or only pics from web ?

beginning to look nice

happy cl

thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

i only have access to pics from the web, the Difficulty is: there are many versions of the c64 and its kinda hard to find the right one.

thanks again :slight_smile:

There are not so many to chose from. Every version is named & specified respectfully:
By the looks of it, you are doing the 1st C64 version from 1982.

jep, its hard to decide. When i started this project i didnt know there are so many of them so i started modeling one of a picture i found in the internet.
i guess this one was the Commodore 170. :slight_smile: