This is what I will be entering into the competition. I have alot to do yet to make it more unique. I am trying to shy away from doing anyting close to what someone else has…I started with a plane crash…that got done…added sea turtles…someone just did that…so any ideas crits and comments are welcome!


Some ideas:

  • Sunken ship.
  • An octopus.
  • Some kelp
  • A submarine
  • A little reef in the background.

Also, you Depth of Field is too strong in my opinion. The underwater feeling is good, but you need some textures.

I was thinking of putting an octopus on the plane somewhere…maybe in the cockpit…I am far from being finished with the modeling…all that stuff in the background is reef…just have to tweak it some more…I am currently working on textures…so i will post an updated pic by the end of today

yeah didnt make that update… ahem…sorry bout that everyone…Apptux…I followed your advice and reduced the DoF…Looks much better now! I am also currently adding reef into the background as well as kelp…I think that if I add a ship or sub that it would distract from the turtle even more…I dont wanna over crowd the image…I am going to try and add in the octopus still…have alot of reef and kelp to add in yet…then I get to texture everything! yay me…:frowning:


sorry to those that are following this thread…I haven’t updated it in a while…been busy trying to finish the scene…well here is an update…only a few small things left to do! I don’t think that I am going to have the time to out in the octopus…I am going to try to though…put it in the cockpit of the plane…lots of things have been updated in this pic from the previous…started turtle texture, fish texture now has scarring…turtle has scarring, re-did the coral in the background as well as the sea weed. re-did the rain coral and the starfish, textured both…fixed caustics more, sculpted ground plane more, added in sand material to ground, think that is all:no:…crits and comments welcome!


this is the final that I have already submitted…

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