Comparison between OC'ed GTX470 and GTX580 in Cycles

So I basically got really bored in Blender and decided to just muck about and do stuff. I was slightly obsessed with Jade and so I tried to create Jade (I also wanted to use my new GTX580 to see how much of a difference it would make over the GTX470). So what do you think?

I would rather be more interested of gfx differences :smiley:
Pic is ok… :wink:

Alright-y then! I’m going to post a screenshot of the shader node tree of the materials and also the sampling parameters. They are all rendered on an [email protected] (8 threads), [email protected](Core)/1640MHz(Shader)/1800MHz(Mem) and [email protected] speeds. Here are some statistics.

Material Node Tree:


Rendered @ 1280x720

800 Samples - Progressive Refine On

GTX470 + GTX580:

11 minutes 9.49 seconds


15 minutes 42.28 seconds


16 minutes 17.25 seconds

800 Samples - Progressive Refine Off

GTX470 + GTX580:

6 minutes 16.59 seconds


12 minutes 6.25 seconds


12 minutes 23.48 seconds

Jade Sculpture (I have no idea what it is…)

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Thx for test. I am to change may old GFX ati card so this thred is very important to me :slight_smile:
Thank you again.


Np. Always willing to help. :smiley:

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