Well, This is just for fun. But who wants a blender Competition?
There are 3 themes:
Object e.g (a Table, a Robot, a book!)
Place e.g (outside, night sky)
People e.g (you, a knight, a anyone!)

The Winner of each theme gets crowned “King of --(theme)-- blending”
The judges of the compatition will be any one that is not in the competition.

Get all your Blenders in by the 24th of july!
Good luck and get blendering!

Why dont you post this here -> Blender Battles <-
Just register, read the battle rules, and post on the challange board asking for someone to battle.
You can pick your themefor the battle, and it will be voted on by everyone else.

This should also probably be in off topic chat…

d_m [>]